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Hi, there! I'm Amber, and I can help you create the space of your dreams.

Do you have a closet, an office, or a whole house that needs to be organized?  If so, I'm your girl!


Extreme clutter has personally impacted my life.  In the middle of grad school and my mother's breast cancer diagnosis, I found myself cleaning out a relative's hoarded two-bedroom house all by myself.  I didn't have a team, a hazmat suit or a trash bin the size of Goliath like you see on the popular cable television show.

Beyond full-on hoard emergency situations, I have a knack for clearing out any level of cluttered space - getting down to the essence of what's really important, and whittling away the rest. I'm also incredibly sensitive to how much our "stuff" and "junk" can mean to us - they're called "personal items" for a reason.

Once the extra is cleared away and the essential remains, I can create a system that keeps cherished items in the forefront, with important or necessary items in view or easily accessed. 



Below are packages available to you to suit your needs.

Each client's situation is unique, and I commit to partnering with you in order to achieve your organizational goals.

Quick Edit

3 hours  |  $195

3 hour minimum


A Speed Session

Let's get started with

an assessment and quick

sweep-through to fix up

a small area or begin

toward larger goals!


15 hours | $60/hour

5 sessions  - save $5/hour

In-depth Sessions 

Together we'll work toward establishing an efficient system, leaving behind a

space that is easily and joyfully maintained.

Full Revision

30 hours | $55/hour

10 sessions - save $10/hour

Complete Service

For more extensive organization of larger areas, sustained progress is a must. I'll meet your devotion to creating the space you love.

No space is too big or too small! 

One step at a time. Let's start on it together.

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I was nervous about inviting someone into my disaster, but Amber is truly a talented professional. Totally worth it.

- Charlie, Charlotte NC

You'll love your results, too!

Thank you for a wonderful

and productive afternoon!

You have totally transformed

my writing room!

- Donna, Lake Wylie SC

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