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What to Expect

The most important decision you make will be YOUR VISION for your space, based on your desires for how you want to use your space, and how you want to feel in your space. Part of my job will be to help you develop that vision, commit to it, and bring your vision to life! I've created resources to help you get clear on your unique vision for your space. 

I will stay with you, walking you through the PROCESS of creating your vision by thoughtfully choosing which items to keep or release.  I know how to put a system in place that will reduce your decision fatigue, keep you motivated, and help you power through the roadblocks that have kept you cluttered despite your previous best efforts. 

Together, we will IDENTIFY where items that don't fit your vision for your space might go - to another area, another room, or out the door entirely! I can facilitate removal of unwanted items according to your wishes, including delivery of your donated items to grateful charities.


First, you can expect a PARTNERSHIP.  I will work with you, at your pace.  I will provide guidance, not directives. 

This isn't boot camp, or an intervention.  I will not bully you, shame you, or haul your stuff away against your will.

With my help and input, you will be making the decisions about your space, and your items, during our sessions.

Finally, I will provide follow-up suggestions that will help you MAINTAIN your space according to your vision.

You deserve to freely move and work in a space that you love.  I can help you not only get there, but also show you

how to keep it there.


The Process

Briefly, our time together  will follow these steps:

Step 1:  Mark the perimeters. 

What space do you want to organize? How much time are you able to devote?

Step 2:  Create the vision. 

How can this space serve you? How do you want to feel in this space?

Step 3:  Make the decisions.

What belongs in your space? What doesn't? (This is the hard part!)

Step 4:  Create the space. 

What items, if any, should you add to honor and reclaim your space?

When you contact me, you'll receive a document that will walk you through 

the decluttering process I have developed in detail!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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