Organizing Tip: Preserve and display your treasured family bibles!

I recently helped a client who had a small collection of treasured family bibles. These items were very old, and very loved. Because of their age, and because they had received so much love, the binding had begun to break down.

My client obviously held the bibles dear to her heart - to display, she had them stacked on a place of honor on a shelf. When I came across them, I was very cautious to handle them with care.

I knew that my client would need to take action to help preserve these treasures, but other than contacting a restoration professional, I wasn't sure what other options she had. Because I always take my client's budget into account, I wanted to provide her with some inexpensive ideas that would suit her needs. I promised to research the matter and get back to her.

I discovered a couple really beautiful options for anyone who wants to preserve and display their family bible, or really any book(s)!

Here is one organizing tip to preserve and display your treasured family bibles:

Tie them with a beautiful piece of ribbon, twine or lace!

Check out this beautiful idea from The Vintage Nest Blog!

Bundle books together with this idea from GooDSGN.

If you do have a bit more in your budget, look into a beautiful glass or acrylic case to preserve and display your family bible or other antique books.

You can order protective display cases from vendors like Better Display Cases.

This beautiful option is available from USA Display.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to take action now to preserve and properly display your family bibles or other antique books, so that others may treasure them for years to come!

P.S. - Is there anything better than the smell of old books? Not in my book!


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